Environmentally friendly photosensitive material based on Galla Chinensis

gallic acid Photoresist adhesive

Microelectronics industry and chip industry is the basis of the electronics manufacturing industry, is a highly sophisticated field of manufacturing competition. In the microelectronics and chip industry, photoresist is one of the key materials, and photoresist is an organic compound. Especially in recent years, the development of large-scale and ultra-large-scale integrated circuits has greatly promoted the research, development and application of photoresists.

At present, photoresists are widely used in integrated circuits (IC), CPU packaging, microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), photonic devices (Optoelectronics/Photonics), liquid crystal displays (LED, LCD, OLED), solar photovoltaic panels (Solar PV) and other fields, the market demand is vast. Early photoresist production mainly used silver-containing photosensitive materials, but their use was restricted with the international community's emphasis on environmental protection. Therefore, the development and use of bio-photoreactive photosensitizer materials has become the mainstream of photoresist technology development. In the past decade, the new environmentally friendly photosensitive materials based on the Chinese characteristic biological resources of pentaerythritol tannic acid have been rapidly developed and applied in the United States and Japan, and a large number of gallic acid and pyrogenic gallic acid have been imported from China and processed into photosensitive PAC.

Research and development to prepare high purity electronic grade polyhydroxybenzophenone from pyrogenic gallic acid is an important industrial material for photoresist, medicine, UV absorber, resin stabilizer, dye and other fields in microelectronics industry. In today's rapidly developing microelectronics industry, 3HBP and 4HBP are mainly used as typical hydrogen-capturing photoinitiators for UV positive photoresists, which are as important to microelectronics manufacturing as fire to bring light to mankind.

Post time: Nov-18-2022