New equipment upgrading

Leshan Sanjiang Biotechnology makes full use of Linte’s resources for deep processing and export to earn foreign exchange, becoming a leading enterprise that enriches the people and counties to build a new socialist countryside, and invigorates the local economy for the benefit of the people; our company has strong scientific and technological development capabilities and has many years of experience in gall , Tara deep processing series product research and development of scientific and technical personnel, with domestic well-known medical and biochemical product research and development scientific and technical personnel, undertook a number of national and ministerial-level major research projects, obtained a number of scientific and technological achievements and patents, and cooperated with China Forestry The Academy of Sciences, Nanjing Forestry University, Northeast Forestry University and other colleges and universities cooperate to continuously develop forest products deep processing projects, and the products gradually enter the international market. Based on policy advantages, resource advantages, and human resources advantages, the company adheres to the concept of “pursuing excellence and sustainable operation”. The second phase of the project will shift from gallic acid series of pharmaceutical intermediates, food additives, and fine chemical products to biopharmaceuticals and electronic chemistry. Products, break foreign monopolies, and contribute to the development of domestic high-precision electronic industry.新设备0531-1 新设备0531 新设备0531-2 新设备0531-3

Post time: Jun-01-2021